Privacy Notice

The data you provide is retained securely within our riding centre and is not shared with any third party other than an insurer or related party in the event of any injury or accident.


What data do we collect and why?


We need certain information, so we know who is using our facilities and to ensure we are keeping our horses, riders and volunteers safe. To do this we collect your name, address, date of birth, gender, email and telephone numbers (including emergency contacts like carers, guardians or parents for those under 18).


For some riders, we require weight and height information to ensure we comply with our horse welfare requirements, as well as medical information about our RDA riders so we can match the right riding activities to particular needs and abilities, and also able to provide the right assistance in an emergency.


For those using certain payment methods, we may also use your email to provide invoices or request relevant information to deal with subscription payments.


How is it collected and stored?


Initially we use simple paper application forms to collect your data when you join our riding centre, with most of that information being transferred onto our internal database.


We keep all original paper applications in a secure filing system and access to the database is limited to only a few members of staff and volunteer coaches via a secure password.


What will we do with your data?


We will use your data to contact you directly regarding the activities at the centre relevant to you or to process any payments due as agreed. We do not use it for marketing or advertising purposes, but we do distribute our regular newsletter. You can opt out of receiving our newsletter at any time.


Can you update or correct the data we hold on you?


It is vital to us that we have the correct information about you at all at times to ensure we keep you and the horses safe. You can view, update or rectify any data we hold on you at any time.


Can you have all your data destroyed or erased?


You can withdraw your consent to us holding your data at any time. We will then destroy it immediately, provided it is not part of an ongoing insurance matter where it would still be relevant to the centre. Unfortunately, this would also mean you would need to stop participating at the centre as we would not have sufficient information to ensure your safety.


What if our policy on using your data changes?


We will notify you in advance if we feel there is a justifiable and legitimate reason to change our policy on how we are or intend to use your data in the future. You will then have the right to object to those uses and can stipulate any restrictions that should be placed on how we can specifically use your data.


What happens to your data if you stop using our centre?


If you decide to stop using our facilities, then we will retain your data for 3 years if you are an adult and 3 years after a child reaches the age of 18. You have the right to request for your data be destroyed and erased sooner if you wish. However, we may still need to retain that data where any potential legal claim may be foreseeable.


What if you are not happy with how we have used or looked after your data?


If you are not completely satisfied with how we have processed or used your data, you can lodge a complaint with our supervising authority, RDA National.


Who can I contact to discuss my data?


The person responsible for controlling how your data is looked after and used is our Charity Manager, Mark Hopwell. For any questions or enquiries with regard to any aspect of how we store, process or use your personal data, please contact Mark on:


[email protected]

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