~ Vision Statement  ~


Enable and inspire progression and enrichment of lives

 through horse activities, therapies and sport,

for the widest range of disabilities.



~  About  ~


Scropton Riding for the Disabled is an equestrian centre with twin arenas, between 25 and 30 resident horses, expert RDA and BHS qualified coaches, delivering over 8,500 riding lessons per year, 6 days per week, 50 weeks per year… but that is not what we are about. 

We are about developing people. 

At any one time, over 300 riders and drivers are regular users of our centre. The vast majority of them are disabled. The journey they take, the obstacles they must overcome, the significant improvements in strength, communication or understanding they must make in order to ride one of our horses, is why we are here and do what we do. 

We are about breaking down barriers, reducing limitations, enabling progression and providing therapeutic enjoyment. We are about helping everyone to reach whatever is their individual potential.

We try to match our commitment to theirs.



~  The start ~


In 1965 a forward-thinking group of local therapists and horse enthusiasts recognised the benefit of horse riding for people with disabilities. 

From humble beginnings, they worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the group and the necessary funds, and a few years later moved to our current home in the village of Scropton. When the national charity Riding for the Disabled began in Leeds in 1969, we became a founding member and remain one of the largest and most visited centres in the 500 strong group. 

Thousands of disabled children and adults have passed through our doors over the past 53 years, contributing to our distinguished legacy of achievement.



~  The Journey ~


We could never describe all the wonderful and inspiring achievements to have come out of Scropton Riding for the Disabled, as every disabled rider and driver adds their own incredible story to the long list. Great advancements happen through small improvements every day. It might be holding a rein, sitting upright unaided, directing a horse through verbal communication, or for some, completing that first jump.

Lives often severely limited by physical or mental disabilities have been transformed and enhanced throughout the years because of our existence, providing us with all the incentive we need to continue our work and to strive to improve and expand so that we can help even more people with their inspiring journeys.  



~  The road ahead…. ~


Scropton Riding for the Disabled is a charity with vision, which means we know what our future looks like and the challenge we need to meet.

The Brief: 

To double the capacity of our centre, introduce new non-riding and sensory activities to help a wider range of disabilities, while at the same time improving safety, flow and the comfort of all the users of our centre.

The solution:

Restructure and repurpose parts of our existing site. 

Convert our existing outdoor arena into an indoor one to double our capacity for all-weather, all year riding. Continue the roofing over the adjacent yard space to create an indoor area for non-riding and sensory activities, as well as a new and safer mounting area. Link the whole structure to the existing coffee bar building to create a new respite café and viewing gallery for riders, families and carers. One wheelchair accessible door straight from the car park.

It is sublimely simple, yet a substantial project to complete. We are on our way and seeking funders and supporters to make our vision a reality.